Welcome to purr-sonalitypawtraits.com, Cheryl Price's Purr-sonality Pawtraits Internet home. Here you will be enthralled by the wonderful and whimsical fine art pet portraits (or Purr-sonality Pawtraits) created by artist Cheryl Price. Check out Cheryl's more traditional artwork at cherylpriceoriginals.com.

Starting with a simple snapshot of your pet, Cheryl creates first a line drawing for your approval. After review, she then creates an original miniature; usually sized at approximately 3 inches square. For more detail on this technique, please link to the "Pawtrait Process" page.

To view some of these delightful Purr-sonality Pawtraits, please link to the "Pet Gallery" section of purr-sonalitypawtraits.com. Included here are also Cheryl's purr-sonal pet companions!

Cheryl has included some fun links for your enjoyment!

To order your very own Purr-sonality Pawtrait, please link to the "Order A Pawtrait" section of purr-sonalitypawtraits.com. If you would like to hear from those who have their very own Purr-sonality Pawtrait, click on the Testimonials link.Thanks for visiting!

Now you can immortalize your pet forever with your own Purr-sonality Pawtrait!
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